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What if bugs could write e-mails? What if they would like to share their insights with younger shrews, as they grew old? This book allows you to take a different look at the development processes, learn from the developers' adversaries... the bugs!

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Who's behind the book?

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Bruno Mańczak

I'm a psychologist and cognitive scientist by education, tester by occupation, dad and husband by love.
I'm born and raised in Poznań, Poland, where I joined the software development industry in 2013. Since then, I have worked in various roles: test manager, test consultant, testing teacher, test automation engineer, manual tester.
I like breaking software, but improving things is my passion: human interactions, processes, software. Polish, English, TypeScript, Java and Python are the languages I use most often at work.
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Where do those e-mails come from?

if defects send e-mails, then what would be the domain they use? They should have their domain. Something with a bug in the name. That would also be the place where I stole those mails from!
Bugs United Globally Foundation was created by bugs, for bugs, founded to unite bugs and break software together. Is it a non-profit? Is it a corporation?
For now the site is used just for book promotion but there are other possibilities: bug memes, news, post mortems...
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