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We connect bugs around the world since 1970

Doesn't matter if you're a typo, visual glitch or 0-day exploit: all connections matter!

We hereby deny that this site was created to promote a book

Bugs United Globally Foundation (BUGF) is real. There is a rumor that the organisation was created by Bruno Mańczak to promote some kind of a book. This is simply not true.

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  • Heartbleed
  • Y2K - Millennium bug
  • Log4Shell
  • Memory Leak
  • Eternal Blue

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    We offer a cutting-edge FixProtection technology. It will prolong your life and let you do more harm!
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      Together we deal much more damage than individually. It's a constant s**tstorm for them!
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        Bug Mail

        Secure encrypted mailing server to facilitate knowledge exchange between our members.

        Connections matter
        Stop floating alone in the dark

        Working alone is hard. You can break your product more efficiently with fellow defects. Thanks to the cooperation with other members of BUGF, creation of a devastating strategy is much easier.
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        • 1.5E17
          avoided fixes
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        Member Testimonials
        Don't listen to us, take it from our members

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          Joining BUGF allowed me to achieve my full potential. Earlier I was just trying to stay afloat. Thanks to the connections made here, I was able to cause an awful lot of harm.

          Buggy McDirt
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          I was hesitant when I first encountered BUGF, but eventually I decided to give it a try. The help that I received from other bugs here exceeded my expectations. Now I cause as much damage daily, as I did in a year before joining BUGF.

          Johnny Hopper
        • Bug Avatar 2 Dark

          I cannot imagine life without BUGF. I'm pretty confident that without the help that I received here, I would already be fixed.

          Beetle Doe
        • Bug Avatar 4 Dark

          <script>alert('I met my partner here. Our offspring is 10x more destructive than we were at their age.')</script>

          Mantissa Havoc

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